34 Ford Treasure Hunt

273/365 – I received this car the other day as part of a RAOK. The Hot Wheels community is awesome, and I’ll be passing the gesture on to someone else.

This is also the first pic I have taken with a new iPhone app called “Manual”. It gives you manual control over ISP, shutter, etc in your iPhone, features not allowed before iOS 8. I also used my Olloclip wide angle lens for this shot. All in all I am pretty happy with it.

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Rig Wrecker

272/365 – It makes me sad that some Hot Wheels won’t be made again. The Rig Wrecker is chief among them.

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Tow Jam

271/365 – From the 1998 First Editions, the Hot Wheels Tow Jam in all red.

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69 Shelby GT-500

270/365 – A fine RAOK from a Canadian buddy, Dave Anderson.

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Bone Shaker

269/365 – Not much to say, except this car is awesome. Oh, and a shout out to Jeff Rohrs. I was pleasantly surprised to hear you like following this series of pics.

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2014 Custom Mustang

268/365 – This car is from the Need for Speed Retro Entertainment series.

Mercedes 540K

267/365 – I think this Mercedes was my very first Treasure Hunt. I got it as part of a trade for something else.

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Bread Box

266/365 – I think the latest iteration of the Bread Box is my favorite so far, especially the multi-color wheels.

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70 Chevelle Delivery


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34 Ford Sedan Delivery

264/365 – Pop Culture series, Muppets – wheel donor

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