211/365 – It’s been raining steady for at least 9 hours, with no end in sight. Seemed a good time to get the Amphicar out.

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School Bus

210/365 – Not long, just 3 weeks until the kids go back to school. This bus clearly has a Ford front end – I wonder why it was never mentioned as being a Ford?

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Aston Martin 1965 DB5

209/365 – This car looks like it stepped right out of a movie – and I can here the guitar chords from the James Bond theme in the background. I love the movie cars they are doing, and I might have to try and get a San Diego Comic Con version of this gem.

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208/365 – How much fun would it be to drive a car with guns on it?

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Custom 62 Chevy

207/365 – I have alkways thought trucks are meant to be lifted or used as trucks, not slammed to the ground. But I’ll be honest, I like the looks of this one.

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206/365 – I will always love the old school hot rods. Rat rods intrigue me a little, but I much prefer the show quality paint jobs and chrome on the ones that have been built to show off.

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64 Chevelle SS

205/365 – Something about the lines of this car…

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67 Plymouth Belvedere GTX

204/365 – The Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment line is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Covering the best movies and TV shows that I love, it is putting out some great cars, like this 67 Plymouth Belvedere GTX from “Tommy Boy”. Can’t wait to see what else is coming down the line.

57 Chevy Bel Air

203/365 – There are a few cars that I cannot get enough of visually. The Corvette is one, but the 57 Bel Air is definitely another. Certainly an iconic car, I was really happy when I found this stock car version.

Also want to give a shout out to our 9 year old daughter. When she saw my pic of the day yesterday (the Kool Kombi), she quickly proclaimed the picture to be inaccurate. Why? Because the Kombi can’t do a Hot Wheels loop. She is totally right, we have tried a few times to get one through, it just isn’t going to happen. So here’s to Natalie, she know’s what she is talking about. :)

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Kool Kombi

202/365 – Still one of my top favorites. There are a few I still need in my collection, like the M&M’s RLC one, and the Toy Fair one. But I am working on that. ;)

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