64 Chevelle SS

205/365 – Something about the lines of this car…

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67 Plymouth Belvedere GTX

204/365 – The Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment line is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Covering the best movies and TV shows that I love, it is putting out some great cars, like this 67 Plymouth Belvedere GTX from “Tommy Boy”. Can’t wait to see what else is coming down the line.

57 Chevy Bel Air

203/365 – There are a few cars that I cannot get enough of visually. The Corvette is one, but the 57 Bel Air is definitely another. Certainly an iconic car, I was really happy when I found this stock car version.

Also want to give a shout out to our 9 year old daughter. When she saw my pic of the day yesterday (the Kool Kombi), she quickly proclaimed the picture to be inaccurate. Why? Because the Kombi can’t do a Hot Wheels loop. She is totally right, we have tried a few times to get one through, it just isn’t going to happen. So here’s to Natalie, she know’s what she is talking about. :)

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Kool Kombi

202/365 – Still one of my top favorites. There are a few I still need in my collection, like the M&M’s RLC one, and the Toy Fair one. But I am working on that. ;)

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71 Mustang Funny Car

201/365 – Since it is the last of the NHRA Mopar Parts Mile High Nationals at Bandimere and all. Hope you had a good weekend.

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Pro Stock Firebird

200/365 – It’s race weekend here in Denver, with the NHRA Mopar Parts Mile High Nationals going on at the gorgeous Bandimere Speedway. I’ve been into drag racing since I was little, but unfortunately have other commitments this year. I did have the pleasure of sitting next to the parents/ team owners of Harlow Sammons Racing on a plane the other day. Super nice people, and they indulged me in all of my questions about Pro Stock (the event they compete in). Hoping to see them again next year here in Denver, and get some pictures of the car. So today’s pic is in honor of both the race and the Harlow Sammons team – good luck guys!

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63 Studebaker Champ

199/365 – Simply one great looking truck.

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70 Ford Torino

198/365 – This sharp looking Hot Wheels Ford Torino is from the Boulevard series.

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86 Chevy Astro

197/365 – It’s almost here, the NHRA Mopar Mile High Nationals. I love the Funny Car class the best I think. But how much fun would it be to see something like this Hot Wheels Chevy Astro Van decked out for a drag race?

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40s Woodie

196/365 – Just another day at the beach for this Hot Wheels 40s Woodie.

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