A New Marketing Idea

Marble No. 3 by Abbey Ryan

This weekend I was catching up on all the photo blogs I follow (the list has grown to be nearly unmanageable), when I came across A Painting A Day” by Rob Haggart, renowned photo editor. It got me to thinking. He’s right, nobody is trying this in the photography area. Well, I have a mind to change that. I can select a photo, choose a mounting style, set a base price, and slap it on ebay for cheap. It’s pretty genius really – kudos to Abbey for trying it (and it looks to be successful for her), and thanks to Rob for bringing it up. I might try it on a weekly basis instead of a daily one, at least until I see how successful it is, but what a great way to introduce the new print of the week. Yep, definitely going to try this. Stay tuned to see how it works.

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