Violet and her family


Besides travelling to exotic locales such as Natchez, Mississippi, I have still been doing portrait work. With the way the leaves turned this year, we were still able to get some good family portraits of Violet and her parents at Corwina Park last week. I have known her for two years now (which, coincidentally, is how old she is) and it was fun to get out and take pictures with her. Watching her reminds me of watching my own daughter get older. I love how interactive Natalie is at age 5, but she was a lot of fun at 2, just as Violet is.

Anyhow, if you are looking to get some family photos done before the holidays, drop me a note and we’ll get a date on the calendar.

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French Quarter, New Orleans in HDR

French Quarter

Jennifer and I stayed in New Orleans the night we flew back from our trip. This shot is of the French Quarter, at sunset, from the 30th floor (roof) of the Westin hotel by the Mississippi River. This is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image, and came out pretty good. I have a lot more images to process from this trip, and the best will be put on display here of course.

If you are interested in seeing more HDR images (of particularly high quality I might add), you should visit HDR Spotting.

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Natchez-Vidalia Bridge

The Natchez-Vidalia Bridge

As promised, I am shooting new stuff this week. We are in Natchez, Mississippi for the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race. Actually we are here for my wife’s work, but since she had to come, I tagged along since I have never really been to the deep south. We are enjoying it, and hope to get some balloon pictures tonight.

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Golden Gate HDR

Yes, I know, you have seen the picture above more times than you can shake a stick at of late. Or have you? Look closely? It is the same subject, location, and it was shot at the same time. But it is different in a slight way. This is the last remix I am doing of what I think is my best photo. So what is different?

Following the advice from the Stuck in Customs HDR Tutorial, I did a one shot tonemapping version in Photomatix. That’s a lot of words to say I did a one image HDR treatment, on what was already a black and white image. From there I used Noiseware to reduce the noise in the image, and voilĂ , you get the image above. The differences are subtle, but I welcome you to look at the original and then it will make sense. I think the new remix makes the image even more dramatic than it was before. What do you think?

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And that’s a wrap

Lauren, Lakewood High School Class of 2011

Senior picture photo season has come and (nearly) gone. The only deadlines left I am aware of are Bear Creek (Oct. 7) and Pomona (sometime in February). I want to say thanks to all of the Seniors I shot this season, and remember me for your friends and family next year and years beyond.

I also wanted to add that the colors are awesome in the hills right now, so if you have been thinking about a new family photo, now is the time to book.

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