Golden Gate HDR

Yes, I know, you have seen the picture above more times than you can shake a stick at of late. Or have you? Look closely? It is the same subject, location, and it was shot at the same time. But it is different in a slight way. This is the last remix I am doing of what I think is my best photo. So what is different?

Following the advice from the Stuck in Customs HDR Tutorial, I did a one shot tonemapping version in Photomatix. That’s a lot of words to say I did a one image HDR treatment, on what was already a black and white image. From there I used Noiseware to reduce the noise in the image, and voilĂ , you get the image above. The differences are subtle, but I welcome you to look at the original and then it will make sense. I think the new remix makes the image even more dramatic than it was before. What do you think?

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