Bad Attitude

Bad Attitude
I don’t take a lot of editorial types of images. But when I drove by this building yesterday, I had to.

I don’t think that the unions are the only reason the Big 3 are having problems, but I do think they are a significant contributing factor. Unions have been corrupt enterprises for longer than I have been alive. They serve the egotistic needs of the leaders, and don’t really care for the common laborer. The notable exceptions would be when it comes to collecting dues or forcing new employees to join. I find it difficult to understand why anyone would want to be part of a union. They take part of your wages, tell you when to strike, and who to vote for. They don’t pay your full wage when you are on strike, and they don’t understand the notion of working together in a synergistic way so that everyone gets what they need. They would rather see a company go under (and all of it’s employees out of work) than do the right thing.

And then there are signs like this, which just continue to foster the bigotry and arrogance that the US is so well known for. I guarantee you that the Fluke multimeter’s that electricians love so much are not made in the US. Does that mean you can’t bring your gear bag to class (the union training also uses this parking lot)?

If you didn’t already see it, this is one example of the power of an image. Look at everything that this image brought out in me. What does it bring out in you?

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