Altamont Pass

Altamont Pass

I was flying into Oakland for some meetings the other day, and noticed a bunch of windmills on the ground. Not knowing the geography (or history of wind farms) well, I wanted to learn more and see if it was a photo op. Figured out it was the famed Altamont Pass installation, and it was only 45 minutes from my meetings in Walnut Creek. Headed out before the sun came up to get some (hopefully) good and somewhat unique shots.

I learned a couple of things:

  1. These things are not quiet. When you have a massive installation of them, the whistling is quite clear above the background noise.
  2. It is really tricky to get a good shot with the blades exactly where you want when the wind is blowing.
  3. Rush hour traffic in California is not fun.

I still have a lot of images to go through from this series, but I was excited about the shoot, so I tried to get one online now for people to see.

Also, I have a color version if you want to see it.

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With winter fast approaching (it certainly feels like it this morning!), I selected this photo for the print of the week.

Taken in Lakewood, Colorado last January, this windmill had the perfect backdrop of a partly cloudy sky and the early morning light of day. I love it when I come across a striking seen such as this. I love it even more when it happens so close to home.

As with all “print of the week” entries, this artwork is on sale through next Friday, at which time prices will go up. Take advantage now by visiting my Art Gallery.

If you are interested in a download for personal printing, or a commercial rights license, please contact me directly.

Have a good weekend.

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