York St. House
Just because I have been shooting senior pictures and such, it doesn’t mean I have given up on the real estate photography business. I have been kind of busy working on the checklist I had come up with. I have also enhanced/ clarified it a little bit. To recap:

So far I am into this for $65 (the cost of the eBook and wireless triggers). The triggers shipped Friday, and should be here within 15 days of that. Might need to order one more (I only ordered one), but we’ll wait and see how that works out.

I have also been in touch with some friends that have an impressive new house in Golden. I can use it to practice and gain some skill, as well as having an excellent portfolio piece of a high-end home. So the practice shoots will be coming up soon, after I read the eBook. Shortly after the eBook gets read, the business plan will also be developed. And somewhere in there I will continue to work on the perfect senior photo of Megan. Why do I always make myself so busy?

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Caselogic EVA Hardshell Camera/ Laptop Backpack
Five months ago, I bought a Caselogic EVA Hardshell Camera/ Laptop Backpack in preparation for my first plane ride with the new camera. Before this, I had been using a Targus laptop backpack that my old Canon G5 fit into pretty well, along with my 17″ laptop. But when I bought the Olympus E-510 and everything it came with, I needed a bag that was designed for DSLR’s and laptops. I searched and searched (see original post), and looked at options all over the price range. I decided that, with the type and frequency of travel I’d be doing, the Caselogic was worth a try.

Since purchasing this bag, I have been on planes to Orlando, Florida and Rochester, New York. I have also been on a camping trip to Lake McConaughy, Nebraska and numerous weekend day trips all over Colorado. It is also my everyday, to and from work bag. Let’s break down the pluses and minuses, then show some photos (this is a photo blog after all).

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