T-Ball Pictures, Coaches Pratt/ Peterson

The action photos from the Pratt/Peterson T-ball game on Saturday, June 19 are now online for those parents who are interested in seeing them. This game was played at Ray Ross Park in Lakewood, Colorado.

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Lakewood Level III Gonzalez

Lakewood Junior Baseball Level III, JCJBL

Photos for the Lakewood Level II team coached by Mr. Gonzalez are now online and available for purchase. It was a good game for Lakewood, the score was 11-4 after the first inning.

Be sure to contact me if you are interested in having team sports photos taken in the Lakewood/ Littleton/ Golden/ Wheat Ridge areas.

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Lakewood vs. Broomfield

Photos from the Sunday JCJBL age 12, flight 2 game between Lakewood (Souther) and Broomfield are now online for review and purchase.

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Lakewood vs. Louisville

JCJBL, age 13, flight 0, Lakewood vs. Louisville, 4/16/10, Lakewood Park

Photos from the 13 year old, 0 flight Jefferson County Junior Baseball League game between the Louisville Bulldogs and Lakewood Tigers are now online and available for purchase. Most of the photos are of Lakewood players, but there are also some photos of Louisville players as well (including the catcher). As part of being the official team photographer for Lakewood this year, I intend to get action photos of every team to complement the Picture Day posed photos we are taking on May 16. If you have another JCJBL team you would like photos taken of, please contact me.

To stay current on what games I will be at, and to know when photos have been posted, please become a fan of my Facebook page.

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Introducing Team Sports Services

Lakewood Tigers baseball pitcher

I am very excited to announce that 2010 will be the year I begin offering team photography services for local youth sports organizations and teams. Just in time for the 2010 Jefferson County Junior Baseball League season, I have developed special package pricing that is more focused on value to the family, while providing great products that the athletes and families alike will cherish.

I am a local photographer who spent five years coaching in the Lakewood Junior Baseball organization, with my 5th year as head coach. It was always a challenge for me to coach while wanting to get great pictures of the kids. Now I am able to focus completely on getting great pictures of the kids, be it at practice, in a league game, or in a tournament.

For more information or to contact me with specific questions, please see the Team Sports Photography page. Every player deserves a great photo, and I will deliver that.

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