Mini Cooper S Challenge

164/365 – Something about the Mini Cooper S (or even the John Cooper Works version) is intriguing to me. Enough that I am considering buying one.

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Hot Wheels Mini Cooper

115/365 – I was fumbling with it the other day after I bought it, and saw a tab underneath that implied you could open the car. Sure enough, I was able to pry the body off. Really cool casting, I wish they made more of them like this. Would make customizing so much easier (not that I have done any of that yet).

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It’s A Jungle Out There

It's A Jungle Out There

You never know what you might see in my yard.

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Mime Training

Mime in a box

Ever wonder how mime’s train?

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The Army

I guess we have a few Lego people...

You might say we have more than a few Lego mini-figures. This is one army in the coming battle.

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