Morris Mini

309/365 – One of the coolest things about the Hot Wheels Morris Mini is that you can remove the body from the base and replace it with another version. For this pic, I took the base from a Retro Entertainment (The Italian Job) car and put it under the latest mainline release. Let me know if you like the combo.

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Mini Cooper

257/365 – One of my favorite Hot Wheels because the body comes off, making it possible to interchange with other wheelsets, such as the one on the Retro series version from The Italian Job.

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Mini Cooper S Challenge

164/365 – Something about the Mini Cooper S (or even the John Cooper Works version) is intriguing to me. Enough that I am considering buying one.

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Hot Wheels Mini Cooper

115/365 – I was fumbling with it the other day after I bought it, and saw a tab underneath that implied you could open the car. Sure enough, I was able to pry the body off. Really cool casting, I wish they made more of them like this. Would make customizing so much easier (not that I have done any of that yet).

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It’s A Jungle Out There

It's A Jungle Out There

You never know what you might see in my yard.

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Mime Training

Mime in a box

Ever wonder how mime’s train?

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The Army

I guess we have a few Lego people...

You might say we have more than a few Lego mini-figures. This is one army in the coming battle.

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