Sigma 55-200 lens for Olympus

I wanted to go longer than the 150 that came in my Olympus E-510 two lens kit. Ideally I want the reach of a 300, but the budget isn’t there for that. I had a sizeable Amazon gift certificate to use, and the Sigma 55-200 was reasonably priced. I read a lot of review about it, and had some apprehension as a result. It sounded like some Sigma lenses come out fine, while others don’t. Basically it sounded like a crap shoot.

I was one of the fortunate ones I suppose (and a post on dpreview made it sound like many others had also been fortunate). The lens works really well for what it is, and I haven’t had any issues with it. I still want a fast 300, but until that finds it’s way into my budget, the Sigma 55-200 is working well for me.

BTW – in the photo at right, the left side is at 55mm, the right side is at 200. I did a side-by-side so people could see what they would get at either end.

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